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As the founder of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do (P.H.K.D.), I am proud to present the official training program, diploma and advanced diploma courses of the International Progressive Hap-Ki-Do Association (I.P.H.K.D.A.). I sincerely hope that many martial arts enthusiasts 
full advantage of these special instructional courses we have to offer.

Klaus Schuhmacher

Welcome To Your Future

The Training Program and the Advanced Diploma of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do (Instruction and Management) provides broad human development in a non-contact, non-competitive and non-threatening environment.

The purpose of this Website is to provide everybody who is interested with an overview of training policies and to outline your responsibilities in successfully applying for and completing the course.

Opportunity for Potential Leaders
The I.P.H.K.D.A. is pleased to share it's vision and philosophy with any potential leaders in the world, Under it's International Growth and Development Program.

To Become :
1. An International Instructor of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do.
2. An Official Examiner of the organization.
3. And with further studies, with an Advanced Diploma of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do, you may become a "course provider" for their land, state or country.
In order to achieve these goals, it will be necessary for you to attend and have successfully completed the required course as well as, fulfilling the required minimum prerequisites set out below.
(a) Minimum of 3rd Dan Black Belt in any Martial Art discipline.
(c) Minimum 30 years of age.
(d) Have never been convicted of a criminal offence.
(e) Must be of good moral and ethical character.
All persons who fulfill these requirements should send their application immediately, together with the appropriate certificates certified by proper legal authority. A recent video of yourself in training, no more than 3 months old, must also be included.

If your application is accepted and upon successful completion of your Diploma course, you will become:
1. An International Instructor of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do.
2. An Official Examiner of the organization.
3. A Member on the Board of Directors for the Organization.
3. And with further studies, with an Advanced Diploma of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do, you may become a "course provider" for your state or country.

Why Should You Undertake the Diploma Course
With progress come changes in all aspects of our life. We have to learn to accept these changes. Martial Arts is no exception.

Modern man is an intelligent being and to insist on him learning old-aged traditional style Martial Arts, not only insults his intelligence but questions proven advances made over the years in physiological, scientific and medical research. This thereby makes most traditional Martial Arts training, techniques an "aggression only" attitude, obsolete.

Only a very small percentage of people really want to fight, but a huge overwhelming majority do not really want to fight unless their life depends upon it.

That is why this course will enlighten you and elevate your level of education, confidence and skills to a standard incomparable to any other course that will be ever offered by any Martial Art.

It will instill in you, the true authentic philosophy of the Art, which is to promote peace and harmony by encouraging genuine love, care and protection of all things.

The true value of life will only be recognized and enhanced by a person who strives to improve oneself from within. By educating yourself, you allow yourself to utilize your inner potential to become a professionally trained person.

This course will therefore offer you opportunities to discover yourself and set you free to pursue your dreams.

The International Progressive Hap-Ki-Do Association proudly presents


The International Progressive Hap-Ki-Do Association is a registered organization approved to deliver vocational education and training recognized by the several international martial arts organizations. In obtaining this recognition, the I.P.H.K.D.A. has demonstrated that it is a competent and ethical provider of recognized training. The video courses offered by I.P.H.K.D.A., presents a step-by-step guide to achieving all your goals, turning dreams into reality.

International Progressive Hap-Ki-Do Association


Step by Step Guide to Admission Procedures

1. Complete an "Course Enrolment Form" and send back to our Headquarters, with all relevant pre-requisite documentation. These may include:

· Specialized Training or Educational Experience
· Evidence of Employment History and of Martial Art Status Level
· READ the attached Policy with the Terms and Conditions and then sign and return.
· SEND the required documentation to show that conditions have been met (if your Offer is conditional).

2. The I.P.H.K.D.A. will send you:
· A `Confirmation of Enrolment for Students

Distance course
P.H.K.D. is a new system, so many people who wish to learn it cannot find schools in their cities that are able to teach the techniques. Personal instruction is the best way to train, but our methods and instructional videos allow students not living near one of our schools to progress from beginner to instructor level at their home.

Each level of mastery is demonstrated on high-quality VHS tape by Soke Schuhmacher and his students. Everything a student needs to progress through the levels is provided in each tape, and Soke Schuhmacher is available by email to answer any questions or to further explain techniques. Students must record themselves performing the requirements for each level and mail their video to the I.P.H.K.D.A., who will then grade the students' performance, assess their skills, and provide feedback. Students that successfully complete a level of training receive a certificate which states their current ranked status.

Progressive Hap-Ki-Do is unique from other martial arts in the fact that there is only one governing body in the world. Only the Soke (Founder) of Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® Klaus Schuhmacher can grant a Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® grades. This is to insure the highest quality of all Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® instructors.

The Progressive Hap-Ki-Do name has been internationally trademarked to keep traditional values. The following page is to disclose to the public the names of all registered and licensed Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® instructors.

If you find someone you know is claiming to be Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® and is not on this list please contact World Headquarters. If you have received a Progressive Hap-Ki-Do® rank from anyone other than Soke Klaus Schuhmacher your rank is not valid and you need to redeem your fees from the grantor then call World Headquarters to schedule a legitimate testing date.

If you find that you are one of the missing names please contact the World Headquarters and we will remedy the problem.

The I.P.H.K.D.A. is intended to be a non-profit organization; the purposes for which it was formed and the powers possessed by it include:

1. To stimulate interest in P.H.K.D.
2. To unite people for their mutual education and benefit.
3. To encourage cooperation and better understanding among members.
3. To supervise and conduct clinics, and demonstrations under the auspices of this Association.
5. To research and study P.H.K.D. with a view to establishing the highest standards of instruction and conduct.
6. To research and study P.H.K.D. in order to better understand its history, philosophy, principles and concepts.
7. To maintain and preserve P.H.K.D. records as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.
8. To publish information about P.H.K.D., including I.P.H.K.D.A. activities.


The following limitations are placed on the power of the I.P.H.K.D.A. and upon the liabilities or obligations arising from its activities.

1. The organization shall not discriminate against any person or group because of race, sex, creed, religion, national origin or martial arts affiliation.
2. The organization shall not enter into agreements, contracts or arrangements which bind any school or individual members personally.
3. This organization shall be self-governing, non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian.
3. No member or group of members shall be deemed to be acting in any matter for or on behalf of the I.P.H.K.D.A., or as the I.P.H.K.D.A., unless specifically authorized to do so by the Constitution or By-Laws or the I.P.H.K.D.A. president.


Section 1. Eligibility for Membership.

Membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in and/or involved in P.H.K.D. and who pledge to adhere to the Constitution, By-Laws and ethics of this organization.

Classification of Membership.

There is only one class of membership:

Lifetime membership
All memberships shall be open to all individuals adhering to the Constitution, By-Laws and ethics of this organization.

Section 3. Application for Membership. (All applications must be approved by the president !)

1. A person applying for membership must be active in training P.H.K.D. and shall submit to the corresponding headquarter all pertinent information:

a. His/her name, address, phone number and current rank in the martial arts.
b. A description of its current martial art program.
c. Membership fee which shall be prescribed in the By-Laws.
d. Description of martial art background including past and current instructors, their names, addresses, and ranks.

Section 3. Lifetime Membership.

A lifetime member is any individual registered who has paid the life membership fee. The life member enjoys all the right, duties, responsibilities and privileges of an individual member; is listed by individual name on the roster and receives an individual copy of all mailings.

Life membership fees shall be prescribed in the By-Laws. If for any reason a life membership status of an individual is canceled by this organization, his/her life membership fee can not be refunded.

Section 1. Composition.
The president shall be composed of voting representatives and alternate representatives of each country or state.

Section 2. Responsibility.

Except as otherwise specified in the Articles of Incorporation or the By-Laws, the president shall be vested with all powers of the organization and shall have authority to act on all organizational matters.

Section 3. Jurisdiction.

The president shall have the power to assume original and appellate jurisdiction, upon notice to those involved, in any matter where, the best interests of the organization will be served thereby.

Section 3. Discipline.

The president shall have the power to discipline members and to impose, enforce, or remit penalties for any violation of the Articles of Incorporation of these by-laws, or rules and regulations of this organization.  

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