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The W.I.H.K.D.F. was the first international non-profit friendship
organization for all systems / schools of Hapkido !
The following information has been compiled to answer many
of your questions about the W.I.H.K.D.F.,  and to help explain
affiliation procedures and how membership in the Federation
can benefit individuals, instructors, and dojangs (schools).
If you have any further questions after reading the affiliation information please
feel free to contact our International Headquarters for additional information.

What is the W.I.H.K.D.F. ?

The W.I.H.K.D.F. is an international organization to promote
Hap-Ki-Do world-wide without any politics and /or problems.

The W.I.H.K.D.F. was founded in 1987 by one of the highest ranked non-asians
in the world, recognized in Korea, to hold Grandmaster ranks in several different
Korean martial arts at the same time, Chong-Sa-Nim Klaus Schuhmacher.

was formed, is to show a positive example against the current negative
trends in the international Hap-Ki-Do community such as bickering between
schools and organizations, general mudslinging, and elitist ways of thinking.

These things first started after Hap-Ki-Do was created by Grandpatriarch Choi-Yong-Sool, by some of his students, but we here see no need to perpetuate them.

If you wish to pursue your individual Hap-Ki-Do training and self-betterment without falling prey to the kind of rampant idiocy we speak of, then you're at the right place.

In the past, many fighters reached incredible levels of skill without ever
attending a formal school...today, no such student is taken seriously unless he
has studied a long time under one korean instructor. In fact, in history many
great martial arts masters moved from instructor to instructor, learned what
they could use and then finding a new instructor. In the structure of the
Hap-Ki-Do organizations and schools today, such a thing is unheard of.

The W.I.H.K.D.F. doesn't care what Dan level you hold. That's not what we're about. What we are about is the exchange of original techniques, informations and ideas for the common good of Hap-Ki-Do practitioners everywhere. Feel free to share your observations and experiences. Ask questions. As Hap-Ki-Do practitioners, we are supposed to be one international community. Let's act like one.

The W.I.H.D.K.F. is one of the most respected governing bodies of Hap-Ki-Do
in the world. Another main point is the further education and caretaking
of already existing H.K.D. groups, schools and organizations.

The W.I.H.D.K.F. ™ consisting of Individuals, Instructors, and Masters,
dedicated to the education, and unification of those who wish to learn,
teach, and advance in rank in Hap-Ki-Do.

The W.I.H.D.K.F. Constitution and By-Laws explains in detail the W.I.H.D.K.F. 's policies and procedures for Registering Students, Testing Students, Submitting Applications for Promotion, Rank Requirements, and much more. 
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