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World HKD Won


All Black Belt diplomas, Korean titles, and other high

rank certificates will be issued by the
which is the head office, and the only official certifying institution of the W.I.H.K.D.F.
Since 1-1-2002 the follow new regulations for Dan certifications are: 

We graduate for accomplishments and knowledge,
up to the 11th Dan Black Belt. 


Honorary Rank Certificates
Certificates of Rank Recognition
Certificates of Rank

Everybody who applies for a ”Certificate of Rank” must pass 
a promotion test. The required techniques may be demonstrated
in person or by video. The requirements for the tested Dan
level can be chosen out of:

· The own created Hap-Ki-Do system
· Any other Hap-Ki-Do organization
· Any Hap-Ki-Do Kwan
· The Oh-Do-Kwan

If you wish to get certified under the Oh-Do-Kwan,
(offers the most complete testing program world-wide !)
read the information at the Oh-Do-Kwan Homepage and
contact Mr. K. Schuhmacher.

Korean Titles
The W.I.H.K.D.F. was the first Martial Arts organization which
granted internationally all the original traditional Korean
Martial Arts titles in all Korean based Styles and Systems.
Our members who qualify through outstanding dedication
leadership may be selected from any division.

Jo-Kyo-Nim Minimum Rank: 1.Dan
Kyo-Sa-Nim Minimum Rank: 2.Dan 
Sa-Bum-Nim Minimum Rank: 3.Dan
Boo-Sa-Bum-Nim Minimum Rank: 4.Dan
Soo-Suk-Sa-Bum-Nim Minimum Rank: 5.Dan
Kwan-Jang-Nim Minimum Rank: 6.Dan
Chong -Kwan Jang-Nim Minimum Rank: 7.Dan
Bong-Kwan-Jang-Nim Minimum Rank: 8.Dan
Chong-Jang-Nim Minimum Rank: 9.Dan 
Tae-Sa-Nim Minimum Rank: 10.Dan

Holders of multiple korean Dan ranks

Do-Joo-Nim Founder of a Style or System 
Yu-Dan-Nim Holder of 2 to 4 combined Dan
Sun-Sa-Nim Holder of 4 to 5 combined Dan
Bum-Sa-Nim Holder of 6 to 10 combined Dan
Won-Sa-Nim Holder of 11 to 15 combined Dan
Kuk-Sa-Nim Holder of 16 to 20 combined Dan
Koon-Sa-Nim Holder of 21 to 25 combined Dan
Chong-Sa-Nim Holder of over 26 combined Dan

We don't put off somebody on a later date for rank testing,
 if the 
needed techniques together with the right moral engagement, 
are mastered. You can profit from the benefits of being a 
of an international martial arts organization. 

If you are tired of seeing politics infecting Hap-Ki-Do, if you don't 
want constant changes and contradictions in the patterns you have 
so hard learned, and if you want to join an organization which 
offers strong leadership, stability and unity, then the W.I.H.D.K.F. 
is the organization for you. 

Since 1987 the W.I.H.D.K.F. has been a leader of Hap-Ki-Do. 
Under the W.I.H.D.K.F. 's guidance you and your students 
can continue learning, training and advancing in rank, 
having to concern yourself with politics and petty 
bickering amongst instructors. 

The W.I.H.D.K.F.'S strong central leadership insures that the 
standards, quality and integrity of Hap-Ki-Do are maintained at all levels. 

If you are truly serious about dedicating yourself to teaching 
Hap-Ki-Do, now is the time to begin. 

You can become an Instructor in one of the most respected 
Hap-Ki-Do organizations in the World.
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