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Membership information

We provide two kinds of lifetime memberships:
All Hapkido Federations, Associations, Alliances, 
etc, are welcome to join the

Membership benefits

The World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation™ 
offers its members the following benefits: 

International Master Certification, International Grandmaster 
 Certification. International Honorary Rank Certification, 
Special Rank Examinations (External Testing Program). 

Additionally the W.I.H.D.K.F. offers official rank certification, 
a Ph.D. in H.K.D., as well as instructor and dojang (school) certification. 

Once registered with the W.I.H.D.K.F., instructors will be able
test their students through the W.I.H.D.K.F. to insure 
ranks are registered and recognized. 

Must I own a commercial school to be an instructor?

No ! In order to register your School or Club and become
World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation™ Head Instructor, 
you must have at least five students (not including yourself). 
You do not have to have a "full-time" commercial school. 

Many instructors teach at community centers, YMCA's, church halls, 
 sports centers, and even in their homes or backyards. It is not as 
important "where" you teach, as it is the "quality" of "what" you teach.

The true spirit of the Korean martial arts can be taught in one's
backyard or home with only a few students, or in a full-time commercial
 school with hundreds of students. All you need is the ability and
 willingness to share your knowledge of these Arts with others. 

The goals and direction of the W.I.H.K.D.F.

The WI.H.K.D.F is a bona fide organization of continuous nature
and has been formed to provide qualified technical and administrative 
support, guidance and unity for students / instructors and affiliated schools.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the traditional aspects of
Hap-Ki-Do while assuring that students are being taught only
realistic, truly effective techniques of street self defense and 
the high moral standards inherent in the pursuit of Hap-Ki-Do. 

Through its adherence to modern scientific concepts for teaching 
and practicing Hap-Ki-Do., this federation provides a true medium
by which the options, ideas, developments and experiences
 of the today's streetfighting reality, can be shared and 
ultimately benefit all members.
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